We take care of everything around your aircraft needs. For over 35 years, we have been providing comprehensive maintenance, modification and repair services for business and private aircraft. From a small operation, grown into a midsized company known for quick responses, customized service and innovative solutions. At elite Jet Service, we take care of everything your aircraft may need to get back into the air.
24/7 Europe-wide AOG service
Complete Line and Base Maintenance
CAMO / CAMO+ Service
Import / export and aircraft registration
Aircraft sales
Avionics retrofits
Complete aircraft treatment
NiCad and PB battery maintenance
Interior and exterior renovation
Painting and cleaning
Whether you are in an AOG condition or need structure repairs, we know the shortest route to get your airplane back into service.
Our rapid response for technical support as well as the know-how and flexibility of our employees have proven their worth. Our fast response team is available to you anytime and anywhere.

In addition to maintenance, the above services are provided by our experienced maintenance team.
We are known for quick problem solution finding, sound technical support and personal, individual customer service.
Managing the airworthiness of your aircraft.

Aircraft Sales & Aquisition

Expertise for aircraft purchase and sale:
our comprehensive support every step of the way

Our expert team supports you in the purchase or sale of your aircraft by providing comprehensive advice and market analysis. We guide you through the prepurchase inspection and through the complex acquisition process, including acceptance and takeover. We analyze all maintenance records for completeness, for compliance with the regulation of the actual state of registration and for future equipment mandates.

For import or export activities, we provide technical and administrative support. A complete inspection report will be prepared that includes grading and recommendations. We also provide technical support during the import or export handling, also providing FAA DAR inspectors and FAA IA to prepare the technical documents for transfer and acceptance by the new CAA.
We provide a full inspection report, that contains a rating and a recommendation for the reported inspection results.

As part of this process we offer technical support during the import or export activities. This includes the allocation of FAA DAR inspectors and FAA IA to perform the technical documents that are critical for the transfer and acceptance by the new CAA.

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